Superfoods and Potassium Toxicity

A traditional western meal includes greens as a part of the menu. They make you healthful and keep you alive longer. So while the so-called Super Foods arrived most embraced them with enthusiasm. So it became with me and, being a gardener my vegetable patch sports activities most of them. Bok Choy, Kale, Spinach, and so forth.

In latest weeks some thing started out inside my frame over which there was no control. Muscle pain, tiredness, and dizziness with nausea were the principle signs. Following a health problem remaining 12 months it is vital to preserve fitness center training going however they became so hard to do that a damage of over two months become required.

My health practitioner informed me the dizziness got here from unfastened stones inside the ears. She prescribed leaning backwards over the brink of the mattress and turning my head till it starts and then lifting it up and twisting it to the aspect.

That didn’t paintings! A Naturopath said the dizziness turned into coming from a shoulder damage at the same time as a Chiropractor, who’s additionally a health practitioner, informed me the same element. So the signs went on and nothing progressed.

One day after a little exercise in the lawn my proper arm seized with such ache I should barely circulate it. That changed into identified as a frozen muscle and it took over 2 weeks to get better. The medical doctor prescribed Valium for relaxation at night time because the pain stored me awake. Being allergic to capsules that advice become no longer observed.

As nothing medically helped it turned into the Spirit that provided the solution and next recovery. Desperate to get better and with a heartfelt request to recognise the cause it was a huge wonder whilst it pointed to the Bok Choy.

Without expertise its impact the Internet furnished the answer. It has the highest quantity of potassium of the remarkable foods. Kale is available in 2d, with spinach a close 1/3. Add to that almonds which changed into part of my staples.

Excess potassium creates hyperkalemia (‘potassium toxicity’). While critical for proper fitness as it aids in prevention of heart disease, sugar diabetes, and kidney illnesses, the reverse is authentic whilst present in extra. In other phrases, an excessive amount of potassium damages those organs.

Symptoms consist of muscle soreness, nausea, tiredness, and sudden onset of dizziness, all of which have been my signs. Following my reincarnation and with a sturdy hyperlink to the Spirit of the Universe it’s far a extremely good gift to be healed and that’s what came about. Now again to complete strength the dizziness, nausea, tiredness and muscle soreness are gone. Instead of ingesting the exquisite meals they are being given away to others who can devour them together with a warning of hyperkalemia.

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